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Here are a few reasons why learners should choose for Co-management training:


  1. Expert instructors: Our instructors have over 16 years of experience with SMS/SCCM and Microsoft Endpoint Manager product planning, design, and architecture, as well as operations activities. They bring a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to the training.
  2. Comprehensive training: We provide comprehensive, modules-based training on Co-management and other related topics such as Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager, Microsoft desktop Analytics, and Windows 10/11 Autopilot.
  3. Hands-on experience: Our training is designed to provide learners with hands-on experience, so they can apply what they’ve learned to their own work environments.
  4. Flexible scheduling: We offer flexible scheduling options, so learners can choose the time and format that works best for them.
  5. Certification opportunities: We offer certification opportunities, so learners can demonstrate their expertise in Co-management and other related topics.
  6. Industry-leading training: is dedicated to providing industry-leading training on the latest technologies and best practices.
  7. Comprehensive support: We provide comprehensive support, so learners have the resources they need to succeed in their training.

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Co-Management Training content

  • Cloud Management Gateway overview
  • Plan for the Cloud Management Gateway in Configuration Manager
  • ‘Cost of Cloud Management Gateway
  • Cloud Management Gateway Server authentication certificate
  • Cloud Management Gateway Configure Azure Active Directory
  • Cloud Management Gateway Configure client authentication
  • Cloud Management Gateway Set up step by step
  • Configure Clients for CMG
  • Supported Configurations for Cloud Management Gateway
  • Monitor Cloud Management Gateway
  • Plan for Internet-based Client Management in Configuration ManagerToken-based authentication for Cloud Management Gateway
  • Azure AD authentication for CMG
  • Install a Cloud Distribution Point for Configuration Manager
  • Use a Cloud Distribution Point in Configuration Manager
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